Curiosity on ‘Pomodori del Piennolo’ from the Vesuvius

Some curiosity about this unique product in the world

Piennolo icona grigio

Types of ‘Pomodorini del Piennolo’

There are several ecotypes of ‘Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio’ with denominations such as:

  • Fiaschella
  • Lampadina (Light bulb)
  • Patanara
  • Prince Borghese (Bourgeois prince)
  • Re Umberto (King Umberto)

All of them is cultivated on the slopes of the Vesuvius. Many popular names have been attributed to this product:

  • Pomodori di montagna (Mountain tomatoes)
  • Pomodoro col pizzo
  • Pomodoro da serbo (Tomato from Serbian)
  • Pomodoro di Spongillo
  • Spugnillo
  • Pummarolo
  • Pummarulello
  • Spuncillo
  • Spunzilli

This particular tomato is preserved in a “Piennolo”  cluster without preservatives and is obtained from the typical handmade treatment of the Vesuvian area. In the summer, clusters are gathered (untied) without dislodging them from their sprigs and placed on a string to ripen. Then they are tied together with ancient techniques to make up a single large cluster (Piennolo) that is held suspended from the ground on suitable supports and kept in a spotless, ventilated and sheltered room (attic). Over the course of the months the tomato loses turgidity and takes on a unique flavor for sauces.

To preserve

The ‘Pomodorino DOP del Piennolo’ (O Spongillo) if stored well in a shaded, dry and ventilated place, can last up to 6 months and is not subject to quality alterations.

In the fresh state, The ‘Pomodorino del Vesuvio ‘ must be consumed within one – two weeks.


The ‘Pomodorino del Vesuvio’ can be found:

  • Preserved in the form of “Piennolo” (intense and bitter taste) all winter, until April
  • Fresh (intense, sweet – acid flavor) in summer time.

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Some curiosity on ‘Pomodorini DOP del Piennolo’ from the Vesuvius


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